Indigofera stachyodes

Bhutan (N); Cambodia (N); China (N); Guangxi ; Guizhou; Yunnan ; India (N) ; Andhra Pradesh; Arunachal Pradesh ; Manipur ; Meghalaya ; Sikkim; Tamil Nadu; West Bengal; Myanmar (N) ; Nepal (N) ; Thailand (N) ; Vietnam (N) as per ILDIS;

Long Spiked Indigo
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Location:  Kalimpong, WB, India
Date: 9 May 2018
Altitude: 4100 ft.
Habit : May be wild.
Which Fabaceae ??

It is Indigofera heterantha Wallich ex Brandis - Himalayan indigo
Looks different from images at Indigofera heterantha 

To me it seems to be Hedysarum campylocarpon.
Plate 30 of The Flowers of The Himalaya by Polulin and Stainton refers.

I guess it is not matching.

did you get a flower and dissect it?
secondly with so many flowers, were there any seed pods?

I thought it would be easy to identify so did not give much attention about fruit pods. By the way, image 4 and 5 shows slight indication of fruiting stage.
Indigofera stachyodes Lindl.    ??