Indigofera linifolia ?

Indigofera linifolia ?;
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Please help me identify the following plant. 
Place: Chandigarh
Date: 20-06-2016
Temperature ~37C
Habitat: Lawn
Location: NIPER, Mohali
Flowers very tiny, Fruits rounded.
Thanks, ... May I request you to pl. send larger images to see the details.

Agree with ... Looks like Indigofera sp.
..., please clarify date of sighting also.
Probably Indigofera linifolia?
Thank you very much for the ID. initially i also thought of the plant to be belonging to Indigofera genus but then i rejected it. i couldn't identify the plant therefore i think i loose my right to opine but i rejected my view of this plant being Indigofera solely because in Indigofera the flowers are present in an inflorescence and not as solitary flowers as is with this plant and secondly the leaves are compound in indigofera which also is not the case for this plant.
I may be wrong in my views. can you please guide me further?
Thank You for reconfirming the date.
Compound leaves which consist of only one leaflet (unifoliate compound leaves), are frequently difficult to distinguish from simple leaves, except by careful examination. Unifoliate leaves are also scored as ‘simple leaves’ so that these species will not be excluded from the identification key even when this feature is interpreted incorrectly.
It seems so as only one flower of the inflorescence is in bloom, the others are in 'bud' stage as seen from your image (-092).
Thank you very much for the information i must admit that i was kind of ignorant of this aspect.
I will look for the characters in the plant and other plants also.