Indigofera hochstetteri

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I need your help in getting the taxonomic history of Indigofera hochstetteri (if possible). I have collected some information but i am not getting any paper or reference which says the synonymy of I. anabaptista and hochstetteri as accepted one.
kindly help, I am looking for all available information about Indigofera hochstetteri  
Pl. see details at Indigofera hochstetteri
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Indigofera hochstetteri Baker
Fam. - Fabaceae.
A species of Indigofera with flat and curved pods.
Photos taken on - 05th Oct., 2019
Place - Rewari, Haryana

Images by Paresh Churi (Inserted by J.M.Garg)
Fabaceae plant for id Lakhpat, Gujarat, Aug -2015 :  7 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)
please identify this plant, growing in sandy soil
It is a species of Indigofera

It looks like Indigofera prostrata
Indigofera sp. need time to identify up to specific level.
Except for the flattened pod, the plant looks like Indigofera prostrata to me, too.
This is Indigofera hochstetteri Baker.