Indigofera glandulosa

Asia: East Timor (N) ; India (N) ; Andhra Pradesh ; Assam ; Bihar ; Dadra-Nagar-Haveli ; Delhi ; Goa ; Gujarat ; Haryana ; Himachal Pradesh ; Jammu-Kashmir ; Karnataka ; Kerala ; Madhaya Pradesh; Maharashtra ; Orissa ; Pondicherry ; Punjab ; Rajasthan ; Tamil Nadu ; Tripura ; Uttar Pradesh ; West Bengal ; Yanan ; Indonesia (N) ; Bali ; Jawa (N) ; Malaysia (N); Australasia: Australia (N); Indian Ocean: Andaman Is (N) ; Nicobar Is (N) as per ILDIS;

Herbs; annual 20-90 cm high. erect, much branched; branches long slender covered with hairs when young. Leaves 3-foliolate Petiole 1-1.2cm. Leaflets 0.6-2.5cm by 0.5-1cm oblanceolate, rounded or slightly retuse, apiculate green and with a few appressed hairs above, glaucous appressedly hairy and copiously nigropunctate below.
Flowers red in short axillary sessile heads. Calyx 2-3mm hairy outside. Teeth long setaceous. Corolla 2-3 times as long as calyx.
Pods linear oblong hairy 5mm, angled, the angles slightly winged and often toothed.
Seeds 1-2 spherical smooth and polished sometimes mottled.
For ID 270911 NS1:  This fabaceae member I photographed at Pune. Plz Identify.
Plant habitat- Wild
Habit- Shrub
Location- Bhugaon, Pune
Date- 18 th Sep 2011.

Indigofera to me also but i am not confident in trita. the habit is seems to be different. There are two varieties; Indigofera trita var. marginulata and Indigofera trita var. trita based on fruit character
Please check
Why not Indigofera trifoliata?
The terminal leaflet is sessile here as against stalked in* I. trita*?
I have captured similar plant from closer by area. Will upload separately.
Indigofera glandulosa J. C. Wendl. a very common plant around Pune grasslands in Aug-Sept.
For ID 270911 NS1--- Resurfacing for ID: This fabaceae member I photographed at Bhugaon,P une.
Plz Identify.
Plant habitat- Wild
Habit- Shrub

Location- Bhugaon, Pune
Date- 18 th Sep 2011.

to me look like I. triata
Can it be I. glandulosa? just a guess...

This herb was photographed at "Ajinkyatara Fort, Satara". It grows upto 2- - 50 cm tall, trifoliate leaves.
Bot. Name: Indigofera glandulosa
Family: Fabaceae
Local Marathi name: Borpudi
Habitat: Wild

Yes the typical one.
I recently learned about its features.

This herb was photographed at "Ajinkyatara Fort, Satara".
Bot. Name: Indigofera glandulosa
Family: Fabaceae
Local Marathi name: Borpudi

Images by Satish Phadke (Identified by J.M.Garg & Vibha Chauhan) (Inserted by J.M.Garg)
Indigofera glandulosa var. sykesii (mixed thread): 2 posts by 1 author. 6 correct images as above.
I am deliberately adding this species in the same thread.
I Observed two types of trifoliate leaved Indigoferas in an area Pune. The second one has findings as above followed by the description from BSI Flora.
Stem smooth red brown. Flowers not observed when seed pods spotted as the season was over but I remember spotting flowers similar to I.glandulosa as usual.
Petiole 1.2 cm Leaflets 1.5cm Terminal leaflet with petiolule 3mm.
Pods 2-3 mm Globular. I think this one is...
Indigofera glandulosa var. sykesii
Herbs. Trifoliate : Leaflets elliptic obovate, nigro punctuate beneath. Racemes elongated upto 1 cm long. Pods globose, 2.5 mm across with very short wings.
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I think it has both Indigofera glandulosa var. glandulosa & var. sykesii as per A revision of trifoliolate Indigofera (Tribe Indigofereae: Fabaceae) in India - Vibha Chauhan, Arun Pandey - Phytotaxa  Vol 220, No 1 (2015)- a copy of which I have marked to you separately in Dec.'15.
If anyone still want it I can send it to him again.
It is Indigofera glandulosa with two varieties
one seeded variety is I. glandulosa var. sykesii.......Photographs no. b7,b8
2-3 seeded variety is I. glandulosa........................Remaining photographs,05.jpg?part=0.1&view=1&vt=ANaJVrGRkCB9kbvh0PTPENuVCVJSoUly3qWKKQrte-2LGJYWrB0dHQXK3CUPNT27rif-OJwUkZrPncOpHslTYNpH2ZFsFujSv60q1Tx_OtUEiGrr6Y9lVks
Plant 11 : 5 posts by 2 authors. 1 correct image as above.
2 Plants posted here were photographed at a Hill, near Chas-kaman dam. Request id please
Plant 11 = Indigofera trifoliata of Fabaceae
Appears close to images at Indigofera glandulosa Wendl.
Fabaceae (pea, or legume family) » Indigofera trita (syn. Indigofera cinerea, Indigofera timoriensis ... and host of synonyms)
... also placed in Papilionaceae
in-dee-GO-fer-uh -- bearing indigo
TREE-tuh</i> -- presumably refers to three-leaved
commonly known as: Asian indigo, three-leaved indigo • Kannada: ಗೋರಮ್ಟಿ ನೀಲಿ goramti nili (<i>not too sure of this name</i>) • Tamil: புனல்முருங்கை punal-murunkai • Telugu: జీడి వెంపలి jidi vempali
Native to: tropical Africa and Asia, northern Australia; widely naturalized
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Views attached from:
... along Maharashtra SH 42 (Ghodbunder Road)
... Rajeev Gandhi Prani Sangrahalay (Pune Zoo)

For more views:
A reply from another thread:
To me, the pictures in your post here look like Indigofera trifoliata. The pods are winged and the lower-surface of the leaves should have minute reddish gland-dots.
Some Indigofera species as per ... in another thread.
I think closer to images at Indigofera glandulosa Wendl. 
Thanks very much, ... I too think it to be Indigofera glandulosa. If anyone familiar with trifoliate Indigofera spp. gives us a similar thought, I will revise my notes

via Species‎ > ‎I‎ > Indigofera glandulosa Wendl. ... family: Fabaceae
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in-dee-GO-fer-uh -- bearing indigo ... Dave's Botanary
glan-doo-LOW-suh -- provided with glands ... Dave's Botanary
commonly known as: barbada indigo, three-leaf indigoGujarati: વેકરિયો vekariyoKachchhi: વિકરીઓ vikarioKannada: ಅಡವಿ ಮೆಂತೆ adavi menteKonkani: विखारयो vikharyoMarathi: बरबाडा barbada, बोरपुडी borpudiTelugu: బరగడము baragadamu, బరపటాలు barapataalu, బొమ్మిడపు చెట్టు bommidapu chettu
botanical names: Indigofera glandulosa Wendl. ... synonyms: Indigofera glandulosa Willd. • Psoralea leichardtii F.Muell. ... status at The Plants List (2013). Version 1.1. 
September 29, 2007 ... Rajiv Gandhi Prani Sangrahalaya, Pune

Three leaf Indigo??? : 4 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3)
I saw this little bush in our society garden.
I doubts this is either indigofera-glandulosa or Indigofera trifoliata.
As yet it didn't  have any flowers.
Location- Kothrud, Pune. (our society is near Mhatoba tekadi paytha)
photo taken on Date- 10 September 2020 
I read the previous threads about these two species but was not able to get the distinct difference between these two. (as I am not a botanist) . Can experts please explain it again.

Indigofera species 
It's very close to glandulosa rather than trifoliata ...,  
Let's wait for flowering and fruting,
I would go with I. glandulosa

Thanks a Lot team !
Now it has started flowering..
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Resembles Indigofera glandulosa