Hylodesmum repandum

Common name: Wavy-Leaf Desmodium

Bhu­tan, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Guinea, Philip­pines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam; Africa as per Flora of China

Undershrubs; branches slender. Leaves few; leaflets to 20 x 6 cm, ovate, acuminate, rounded at base, glabrous above, adpressed pubescent below; nerves finely reticulated below; stipules ovate, acuminate. Flowers in panicled racemes, terminal or axillary; rachis tomentose, to 25 cm long; calyx 4-lobed, campanulate; standard to 10 mm across, reddish, orbicular, retuse at apex. Joints of pod 2 or 3, to 1.5 x 0.6 cm, falcate, densely covered with hooked hairs.
Flowering and fruiting: December-April
Grasslands, also in evergreen forests
(Attributions- Dr. N Sasidharan (Dr. B P Pal Fellow), Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi from India Biodiversity Portal)
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    Tephrosia tinctoria FOR VALIDATION, check variation in leaf & stem :: Galibeedu, Madikeri :: 23 FEB 2017 : 4 posts by 2 authors. 2 images.
  • Madikeri Coorg, Karnataka
  • Date: 24 FEB 2017 ... Average elevation: ~ 1117 m (3667 ft) asl
  • Tephrosia tinctoria Pers. ... (family: Fabaceae)
    Its a species of Desmodium
    Thanks very much ... for validating; I could not reach to any Desmodium spp. listed at
    Herbarium JCB. Hopefully will get more comments here.
    Thanks to ... for the Desmodium clue. It must be Desmodium repandum (Vahl) DC. ... synonym of Hylodesmum repandum (Vahl) H.Ohashi & R.R.Mill.