Dolichos trilobus ?

Dolichos trilobus ?;
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This is may be vigna wild relatives, plz ID for this ......
found in Bangalore, Karanatak
edges of the field fences, climbing this vigna spp
Phaseolus wild relatives pod is like a beans
Pl. see with comparative images at Vigna along with the latest publications. 
It looks like Dolichos trilobus L., Syn. Dolichus falcatus 
It will be Nesphostylis lanceolata (Baker) H.Ohashi & Tateishi (= Dolichos lanceolatus Baker)
At the outset it looked like Vigna vexillata. But pods do not tally.  
You may also check for Phaseolus sps. (P. acutifolious ?). There are plenty of varieties in the species.