Desmodium elegans ?

Desmodium elegans ?;

I am posting two observations..... would welcome your views.. Location Kalatope, Chamba
Altitude 2100 mts
Habit shrub
Habitat wild
Plant height 3 feet

Desmodium sp.
..., what is the confusion, and why in the subject line?
Yes Sir agree
Sir, at the first sight I had thought that these two are same plants.. but it seems to my untrained eyes that the leaves, flower colour and inflorescence are different... Hence my confusion, because I have not as yet learned to recognise or even identify the features of various families......
I think Desmodium Elegans.. sir
May be yes
But leaf shape and flower colour differ
A goof up from my side.... The photographs posted in the original WERE DIFFERENT PLANT.... but I had tried (at that time) to look for the plant again to verify and I realise that I ended up measuring a different plant whose flowers looked similar to the flower in the original observation posted in the forum... Here I send the two comparative photographs of the two plants.... where... 'Desmodium first observation.jpg' are the images posted with the observation 'al130911' originally ... and... Desmodium2.jpg are the images posted by me mistakenly today... but measured and thought to be Desmodium elegans. But there was a third time I had photographed a similar flower and the leaves appear to me different too... posting that as Desmodium3... NOW I AM CONFUSED...!!
And now ..., I am confused. It would be better if you relate fruits, leaves and flowers exactly from the concerned plants and post them separately. The leaves are different in two and are there for most of the year. It would be ideal to keep them as index and look for flowers and fruits accordingly