Dendrolobium umbellatum

Elsewhere & in India (N); Gujarat ; Karnataka; West Bengal; Andaman Is (N) as per ILDIS;
Flora of Andaman2-261210-PKA1:  Came across this small tree near the Beach at Havelock (Andaman & Nicobar).
Locals were calling it as Jungli Imli.
Date/Time: 19-12-2010 / 01:45PM
Location: Elephant Beach, Havelock (Andaman & Nicobar).
Habitat: Wild
Plant Habit: Tree ( approx 3 to 4 m)
Tree was in fruiting stage. Could not see any flowers.

Desmodium species
A Desmodium
Earlier Desmodium congestum, tell you later the correct identity
Thanks a lot, ...
There are two species with this name as below:
Desmodium congestum (Wight) Benth. is a synonym of Leptodesmia congesta Baker  & Desmodium congestum Wight & Arn. is a synonym of Dendrolobium triangulare (Retz.) Schindl. Neither of them have distribution in Andamans as per ILDIS nor matches with the posted Plant as per images at Dendrolobium triangulare or at Leptodesmia congesta.
However, it seems close to me with images of Dendrolobium umbellatum, which also has distribution in Andamans.

Yes, it looks like Dendrolobium umbellatum 
Yes. It is correct. Dendrolobium umbellatum
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Found in Auroville Botanical Garden.
Not sure of habit.

Appears to be some Fabaceae member. 

Hardwickia binata

This appears to be Dendrolobium umbellatum (L.) Benth. [Leguminosae].
The leaves and the fruit of Hardwickia binata Roxb. are entirely different from those depicted in ... photographs.
May be he is right..I was deceived by the figure one...