Dalbergia coromandeliana

Dalbergia coromandeliana Prain (Syn: Dalbergia spinosa Wight & Arn.); 

India (N); Tamil Nadu as per ILDIS ;
Please identify this plant details of which are as follows:
Date : 09.02.14                                                          
Location :Nagamalai hills near Melakkal, Sholavandan, Madurai
Altitude :approx 500 ft
Habitat :dry rocky
Habit :straggler
Height :5 to 10 ft
Leaves :bipinnate
Flowers :white
Fruits :,
Can this be Dalbergia coromandeliana
A similar looking plant was identified by ... earlier. Hope this is the same species.
..., I agree with your id, too.
Thanks for validating the I'd.