Crotalaria notonii

Crotalaria notonii Wight & Arn. (Syn: Crotalaria noveoides Griff.; Crotalaria rostrata Wight & Arn.);
Please identify this species of Crotolaria - NS 131012:
Photographed at Shahapur a fortnight ago (13.10.12). Please identify this species of Crotolaria. My apologies for the poor quality of the phtographs as there was a strong breeze blowing.
just a guess: Crotalaria medicaginea.
It is Crotalaria notonii
Have posted possibly the same plant previously and it is available at this link
Please check with ... whether this is also Crotolaris notonii.
..., your earlier post does look to contain similar Crotalaria as posted.
At first reminded me of C. pallida - but the pod and inflorescence are different; and am sure you are familiar with it too.
Hopefully, ... will put his thoughts here after looking at you earlier post at efi thread
Please identify this herb - NS 181111:
Have posted this before in 2009 but have received no reply. Photographed on my property at Shahapur. Flowering occured in September and fruiting in October. Presume this is a species of Crotolaria

It looks like a variety of Crotalaria medicaginea. Number of seeds would help...
May be Crotalaria notonii Wight & Arn.  as per another thread: Please identify this species of Crotolaria - NS 131012