Crotalaria montana

Annual herb up to 1 m tall with feruginous stem; leaves oblanceolate, oblong to linear, up to 5 cm long, densely hairy beneath, petiole 1 mm long, stipules almost absent; flowers pale yellow in up to 30 cm long raceme; pedicel 3-5 mm long; calyx 8 mm long, pubescent; corolla almost as long, wings slightly shorter than keel, keel with up to 4 mm long beak; pod 6-8 mm long, dark grey to blackish,
Crotolaria montana: Crotolaria montana is also a fairly prevalent monsoon annual on my property at Shahapur. Flowering generally occurs between August to September and fruiting soon follows. Sending a few of my photographs.
Which out of the following is our species (From The Plant List) ?;

Crotalaria ¿ species ?
Below are two sightings; but I strongly believe they are the same species of Crotalaria based on their habit and habitat. Growing in scrub vegetation with a tendency to grow gregariously, these have small flowers, just about 10 ± 2 mm.
at Vaghbil on September 18, 2010
along Ghodbunder Road on September 13, 2008
Crotalaria species in eFloraofindia (with details/ keys from published papers/ regional floras/ FRLHT/ FOI/ Biotik/ efloras/ books etc., where ever available on net)
It looks like  Crotalaria albida
Sorry- Flowers more than 5 in the inflorescence- May not be Crotalaria albida.
This can be either C. montana or C. linifolia.
Thank you very much ... for possibilities of ID.
Will study later the two possibilities.

I think matches with images at Crotalaria montana Roth 
Thanks ... for the best possible ID.
Yes sir, it is Crotalaria montana.

Fabaceae for Id SR O3, 14th Jan 2016
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Can you help me Id this fabaceae plant
it was found growing on road side near Malvan on 13th Sept 
Please confirm please confirm the species as it could be Crotalaraia leptostachya or Crotalaria juncea
I think it matches with images at Crotalaria montana Roth
Id Plz:  please id fabaceae member, from Sindhudurg MH
is it some species of Crotalaria ?
it is branched herb   
I think species of Crotalaria
This looks like Crotolaria montana. For comparison please check my photographs at this link
Crotalaria for ID : Pali,Maharashtra : 261112 : AK-2:
  A small wild plant seen in Pali, Maharashtra on 23/11/12 at a farm.
Most of the plant had dried up, just a single yellow flower was seen.
Looks like a Crotalaria species.
Plant about 2 feet in height.
This could be Crotolaria montana. My photographs of it are avaiable at this link
Also agree with the other 2 plant identities.
Vaghbil, Thane- 19 SEP 09;
Matches with images at Crotalaria montana Roth