Crotalaria grahamiana

Crotalaria grahamiana Wight & Arn.;
Crotalaria grahamiana Wight & Arn. SN Mar 7
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Crotalaria grahamiana Wight & Arn., Fam - Fabaceae
Wild under shrub in the tea estate area
Walparai, Coimbatore DT, Tamilnadu
Plant for ID 17/12/09 SMP1
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An interesting plant from Fabaceae for ID. Shrub of height around 4-5 feet.
Munnar Dec2009.
Crotalaria quinquefolia
C. grahamiana
as per another thread.


Fabaceae-Faboideae (Papilionaceae) Week : Shrubs/Herbs : Crotalaria quinquefolia: Crotalaria quinquefolia
Observed in Munnar. Kerala in Dec
The shape of the leaflets reminds me of C. grahamiana. In Crotalaria quinquefolia, I think the leaflets are narrower, I guess
Considering this plant is from Munnar possibilities are high for C. grahamiana
To my surprise I could see one plant idied as Crotalaria quinquefolia has even simple leaf (one foliolate) @ !
Here it looks like the inflorescence is much longer than C. grahamiana
I shall refer flora records tomorrow and get back.
Yes I very much agree with you ... Was not aware of this species. The leaves are certainly different here.
Thanks for providing links for C.grahamiana.
Agree with ..., this is C. grahamiana Wight & Arn. In C. quinquefolia leaves are narrower.

Crotalaria grahamiana at Munnar- PKA-26 : 7 posts by 6 authors. Attachments (5)- 500 kb each. 
Seen this Rattlepod shrub near Munnar.
Bot. name: Crotalaria grahamiana
Family: Fabaceae

Quite a novel Crotalaria sp for me !!! Never seen such leaf for Crotalaria. Fantastic find, dear ...