Crotalaria calycina

kroh-tuh-LAR-ee-uh -- Greek krotalos; refers to sound, dried pods make when shaken
ka-LEE-kin-uh -- having a persistent (or conspicuous) calyx

commonly known as: hairy crotalaria • Marathi: केसाळ ताग kesal tag • Kannada: bekkina tharudu gida

Native to: tropical Africa, Indian subcontinent, Indo-China, Malesia, Australia   

Up loading my pic of pods and other vegetative part of Crotalaria calycina

Photographed this small herb in Pench Tiger Reserve on 26-12-05 and 29-9-04

I think id is correct.

Yes ... This appears to be C. calycina
This certainly looks like typical C. calycina. Nice pic to identify

These Crotolaria genera are found in Satyamangalam hills at an altitude of 900- 1100M.
ID please?
The last two photos belong to Crotalaria calycina. First photo (IMG_6749) is a different one.

Plant posted here was photographed at Tiwai Hill, near Chas-kaman dam. Request id please
Some Crotalaria is my guess... u would need a lot more pics to id to species level- leaves, stipueles, pods etc.
Flower of - Crotalaria calycina (Kesal Tag in Marathi) Photo taken at Satara
2032014Al192 Crotalaria sp. for ID
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I am not able to figure out if it is actually C. calycina or some other species. Help is appreciated. 
This is C. calycina Schrank. Actually Gamble mentioned 4 types in calycina based on the nature of leaf and the altitude in which they occur. But these all are now reduced to synonymy based on other systematic data.
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Please confirm ID
My opinion is Crotolaria naikiana
Place: Nashik City
Date: 9th December 2018
Habitat Grassland

The deflexed pedicels indicates Crotalaria calycina

Thank you ... For the ID. But I hope pods included in sepals are a character of C.calycina?
Thank you once against for all the trouble.

at Tiwai Hill, near Chas-kaman dam- Feb.'09?; Gautala WLS in Jalgaon Dist of Maharashtra on 10 Sept '10;RKN - from Gautala WLS - IDs pl - efloraofindia | Google Groups


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