Cassia roxburghii ?

Cassia roxburghii ?;
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Very old pictures of Ornamental Cassia seen in Muscat during Nov & Dec.
Medium trees, spreading out, cultivated.
Tiny pink flowers.
Id please.
This is Cassia nodosa, I have propogated this plant by budding few years back at quram with by using Cassia fustula/amaltaj root stock.
Cassia nodosa grows very well in hot summer with full of flowers for more then 4 month with dark green foliage.
Look at this link...
is there a difference in the flowering stalks' arrangement there and here???
I am confused..
what's the difference between cassia nodosa and cassia roxburghii...
I mean i need the key in simple english, please
does any one know?
Please check for the most distinguishing character of C .nodosa i.e. there are ten yellow stamens, the longest three having a round swelling in the middle. That is why the name nodosa. If it is positive then it is Cassia javanica ssp. nodosa ( as per theplantlist). C.nodosa is a synonym of C.j. ssp. n.
Your plant looks nearly - and the pic in the link clearly shows nodes on three stamens as per key by ... 
But, it is interesting to note while "Bengal Plants", FBI & FI inform that flowers of Cassia nodosa Ham, (Cassia javanica subsp. nodosa) are pink, FoC informs they are yellow - !!!
According to FBI, no. of leaflets 6 to 12 pairs.
Some close ups taken today of the above Cassia.
Thank you for the latest update, which shows your plant is not C. nodosa of Flora Indica, vol2, page 336.
This is not C. javanica ssp. nodosa. Hence, this could be C. javanica  provided the other vegetative characters tally.
Adding one more picture with pods. Here it is. Taken on 22/7/2011.
Flowers are very tiny, not as big as Cassia javanica.
Hope this picture helps.
How about this one (Cassia roxburghii )- 
Thanks for a possible id.
Will leave it to the experts to validate.