Campylotropis stenocarpa

Campylotropis stenocarpa (Klotzsch) Schindl. (syn: Campylotropis macrostyla var. stenocarpa (Klotzsch H.Ohashi; Campylotropis nepalensis Ricker; Lespedeza macrostyla Baker, p.p. non Miq.; Lespedeza stenocarpa (Klotzsch) Maxim.; Oxyramphis stenocarpa Klotzsch);

India (N); Bihar; Haryana ; Himachal Pradesh; Jammu-Kashmir; Punjab ; Uttar Pradesh ; Nepal (N); Pakistan (N) as per ILDIS

This shrub was recorded from a dry cliff while going towards Nauradhar from Haripur Dhar, Himachal Pradesh...
Any Lespedeza sp. ? No flowers could be seen...

Lespedeza species so far in efi 

Does not matches with images at Lespedeza species so far in efi 

I think Campylotropis macrostyla
Thanks ... for identification, it was long pending, and now I have seen this as a common plant on dry tracts..
Common around Chakrata at around 1000-1200 m.

I think Campylotropis stenocarpa as per discussions in another thread: SK 2254 28 October 2019