Cajanus crassus

Cajanus crassus (King) Maesen, Agric. Univ. Wageningen Pap. 85-4:105. 1985 (Syn: Atylosia crassa King; Atylosia mollis "Benth., p.p.A"; Atylosia volubilis (Blanco) Gamble; Cantharospermum volubile (Blanco) Merr.; Cantharospermum volubilis (Blanco) Merr. [Spelling variant]);

kaj-AY-nus -- Latinized form of the Malay vernacular name for the pigeon pea ...Dave's Botanary
KRASS-us -- thick, fleshy, dense or fat ... Dave's Botanary

Native to: s China, Indian subcontinent, Indo-China, Malesia

commonly known as: thick-stemmed cajanus  

Cajanus crassus (Prain ex King) Maesen
along Gersoppa Ghat on December 16, 2012 
Seen this climber at Gersoppa Ghat (North Karnataka).
Bot. name: Cajanus crassus
Family: Fabaceae