Caesalpinia ferrea ?

Caesalpinia ferrea ?;
ID request- 31032012-PKA2: Came across this tree at a park in "T-Nagar, Chennai". It was dark when i had spotted this tree.
Date/Time: 03-03-2012 / 19:45 hrs
Location: T-Nagar, Chennai

Habitat: Garden
Plant habit: Tree (almost 6 to 7 m tall).

The shrub is reminiscent of some Caesalpinia species but the stamens are rather short. Certainly Caesalpiniae.
Could this be a species of Caesalpinia possibly Caesalpinia ferrea. I am unable to confirm as the flower structure need to be checked as the individual flowers are not seen very clearly. Furthermore, if it is C.f. the bark is very very unique.
In which park in T Nagar did you photograph.