Bauhinia variegata ?

Bauhinia variegata ?;
Bauhinia x blakeana :: Hooghly, West Bengal:  Yesterday, I have had a short chat with ... (in the 'facebook' group 'Indian Flora') over the identification of this Bauhinia sp. He identified it as Bauhinia x blakeana or the 'Hong Kong Orchid Tree'. ... also provided me links (given below) of the two earlier 'efloraofindia' posts where ... and ... discussed the identity of this plant.
Today, i took some more photos of the same plant that i attach herewith.
Species - Bauhinia x blakeana
Date/Time- 30/01/2012
Location- Nalikul (Hooghly District), West Bengal
Habitat- Garden
Plant Habit- Tree
Height- 40 ft. approx.
Leaves Type/ Shape/ Size- Double lobbed, heart shaped
Inflorescence Type/ Size- In long racemes
Flowers Colour- Rose-purple
Fruits Type/ Shape/ Size Seeds- NA
Other Information like Fragrance, Pollinator, Uses etc.- This plant has been described as ".... a hybrid between Bauhinia variegata and Bauhinia purpurea" (wikipedia)
ID & Info help : I copied text from Wikipedia and earlier posts by ....
The links are -
Feedback from another thread:
"Thank you for drawing my attention to the fact that B. blakeana is a sterile plant. I also read, in January, about the sterile flowers of B. blakeana in wikipedia and other websites.
But there is a discussion at - where someone claims that it bears seedpod. Again there is an image claiming to be seedpod of the same plant -
So, if it is not the B. x blakeana then my earlier post should also be some other species, might be B. variegata." 
I think now that this is NOT Bauhinia blakeana. Because, later i witnessed seedpod growing on this tree and i uploaded the same in another post. I confirm hereby that images from both of my posts were recorded from the same tree.
A relevant document is here -