Bauhinia species

Bauhinia species;

id: identification needed,a plant from bhopal
- Bauhinia sp. Name of the  species can be identified when flower is seen This is the season for flowering of this tree. Maybe this is Bauhinia variegata as it is about to bloom in this part of the country. At least in Gwalior.
- bauhinia retusa i think

Camel foot in trouble: My 15 year old Camel foot planted on the road, has an infestation of a white feathery sort of parasite. Please advise how I can help it? I thought the leaves would fall off and the new ones would grow minus the bug. No such luck:-(
An image would help. I think by parasite you mean a pest feeding on the plant. Feathery meand it could be mealy bugs, whitefly or psyllids. Some more information on it ?
Are you referring to Trialuerodes ricini or Aleurodicus dispersa both of which have bauhinia as a host
Yes ..., Exactly that. They are all over the leaves.
Apply general purpose pesticide Rogor (DIMETHOATE 30% EC). Dosage: 2ml per liter of water. How to apply: Spray it on the infected area as well as the healthy shoots to prevent further infection. Duration: twice a week during the evenings. Watch for two weeks for recovery.
If the infestation persists you may spray pesticide containing monocrotophos . Same dosage.
Alternatively, you may also try bio-pesticides (neem based) available in the market. But I donot know the brands and their effectiveness in controlling the severe infestation..

However I feel the specific pesticide can be suggested only after examining the infestation.
Warning: All the pesticides are very poisonous and one should keep the containers in a safe place ( away from the reach of children).
Thanks for this. I think the tree will be glad of your help.
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae (Mimosaceae) Week: Bauhina sps at kalina campus , mumbai univesrity
Bauhinia will come under Fabaceae-Subfamily : Caesalpinioideae.
Regarding the species name ...the images are too small to count the number of stamens. If they are 3 it is most likely Bauhinia purpurea. If 5 It would be B.blakeana