Astragalus leucocephalus ?
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Sharing some pictures for identification shot at Jamsom on 21 April 2013 at 9200 ft.
Appears to be a fabaceae member.
I guessed it to be some Oxytropis but  did not find any match.
Oxytropis species so far in efi 
Yes, does seem to be an Oxytropis. By Jamsom, is that Jomsom in Nepal?
I am not as familiar with Nepalese flora as I am with that of the NW Himalaya (especially Ladakh) but do know a fair bit.
My thoughts about Ladakh Oxytropis apply in Nepal as well.
The 'Enumeration of the Flowering Plants of Nepal' (Vol 2, 1979) lists 13 species.
The common species in the Jomsom area (located in the Mustang district of Upper Kali Gandaki - which is an arid, Tibetan borderland area) is Oxytropis williamsii.
But the images -albeit rather out-of-focus, do not seem to match this species.
The only other Oxytropis recorded by the Enumeration in Nepal from as low an elevation as 9200' is O.mollis - the plant photographed by Saroj does not match the images on the FOI site which have been identified as O.mollis but I cannot confirm this.  
Can anyone else comment authoritatively?
Pl. check with images at Astragalus leucocephalus Bunge