Astragalus leucocephalus

Astragalus leucocephalus Bunge; 

Afghanistan (N); China (N) ; Xizang Zizhiqu ; India (N) ; Himachal Pradesh ; Jammu-Kashmir; Punjab ; Uttar Pradesh ; Nepal (N); Pakistan (N) as per ILDIS;
Flora of Chakrata Part-2: Oxytropis sp:
Oxytropis sp from Deovan trek Route
My guess O pilosa
pls validate
Just now received a mail from ... of Himachal Pradesh who identified this plant as 'Astragalus leucocephalus'.
To me, this also looks same.

Fabaceae-Faboideae (Papilionaceae) Week : Astragalus leucocephalus from Chakrata: Astragalus leucocephalus from Chakrata

Flora of Chakrata 2012: Astragalus for Id: This small herb was shot from Deoban Road, Chakrata in May 2012. Can this be Astragalus sempervirens?
I think Astragalus sempervirens is much different plant with spiny persistent rachises and axillary flowers clusters. Besides I could not locate its report from NW Himalayas.
To me above plant looks like Astragalus leucocephalus: herb with pale yellow flowers in a head on a long peduncle.
Thanks for taking up the matter as always. Before I made a guess, I consulted Flora Simlensis, 5 species are reported therein, Flora of Chakrata by Kanjilal has no mention of any species of Astragalus. I was about to say A. leucocephalus for the uploaded plant but the flower colour looks closer to pinkish white rather than yellowish, the only thing which prevented me from identifying this as A. leucocephalus....I hope you will resolve the you always do... I am attaching herewith the key provided by Sir Henry Collett.
I have Flora Simlensis with me, and always consult it.
I still think it is A. leucocephalus, especially seeing the first photograph..
Fabaceae (Faboideae) Fortnight :: Astragalus leucocephalus :: Chakrata :: NS OCT 133/133 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (6)
Please find the pics of a beautiful hirsute herb from Chakrata, the id of which was concluded as Astragalus leucocephalus..