Alysicarpus pubescens ?

Alysicarpus pubescens J.S.Law ?;
KAS Week::(Herb for ID - 03/10/2012- NJ):   Herb for ID
Very small and tiny flowers, wild, photo taken in December - 09.
This appears to be Alysicarpus sp. most probably Alysicarpus pubescens.
Details are unclear for the id to be decisive.
24012013 BRS 443: Pl. find the attached file contain photos for id. confirmation.
Location: Coimbatore
date: 2.01.2013
Habitat: garden
Habit: herb.
Some Alysicarpus sp (Fabaceae)!

Alysicarpus pubescens :)
Alysicarpus sp plz attach fruit photo- its easy for id
efi page on Alysicarpus pubescens J.S.Law with images