Albizia species- Coonoor
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Could someone help me the id of this tree from a tea garden near Coonoor in the Nilgiris? Picture was taken in early July 2014.
be specific with picture is very difficult...
Pl. send the close up of leaves etc.
The closest shot I have is attached. Hope its of some use. Attachments (1).
I would like a higher quality picture so I can enlarge the leaves and flowers (the larger pixel numbers)
But from what I see overall
the leaves seem to be feathery like those of mimosa or even delonix
the dark flat seedpods hanging underneath the canopy reminds me again of Albizzia, since delonix's seed pods never really bunch up  like they seem to be doing here.
ALSO since its growing in a tea garden I can be sure that some gardener or horticulturist has cut away a main branch of the tree, yet  the remaining  branching pattern reminds of the siris (albizia) .
On the other hand a white variant (though very rare) of delonix flowers is not unheard of, I have even seen one in deep forests of Bihar.
sorry cant be specific.
But my vote is for the feathery shade tree like albizia.
Could be a species of Albizia.
Albizias are commonly planted as shade trees in tea estates.
yes, it is some Albizzia sp.
The canopy is like that in Albizia saman