Albizia species

090112/NK/02-ID Please: Could you pl ID. I think it is a Cassia from Caesalpiniaceae family
Request for ID
1. Date/Time- 21/02/12-1416PM
2. Location- Lohgaon/Pune/600M
3. Habitat- Garden
4, Plant Habit- Tree
5. Height/Length-40 Ft
6. Leaves Type/ Shape-Pinnate,Opposite-almost completely deciduous.
7. Inflorescence Type/ Size- Not seen
8. Flowers Size/ Colour/ Calyx/ Bracts-No flowers seen
9. Fruits Type/ Shape/ Size -Not seen
Looking at the pods it can be Albizzia lebbek. The "Shirish" tree.
Fair enough ... Had thought of it but the leaves don't tally.