Albizia species ?
Request Tree ID 112 - Lalbagh, bangalore: It looks like an acacia, and flower resembles a albizia

Is it Albizia odoratissima or Synonym Acacia odoratissima ?
I haven't seen a spine on an albizia.
I may be wrong
There are some prickly Albizias, but they are exotic. Perhaps this is an exotic tree in Lalbaugh and one must check with Bailey's Manual of cultivated plants or Lalbaugh might be having its own introduced plants records.
Tree for ID - VAI26122011:  
Is it possible to identify this tree - I observed a large number (about 25) of red-breasted parakeets (Psittacula alexandri) removing bits of bark and feeding on the soft stuff beneath and spitting out the remaining. All these parakeets were female. This tree is providing shade in a tea-estate to the tea bushes. If not possible from this photo, I can try to get a better one of the leaves.
Location: Hathikhira Tea Estate, Karimganj District, Assam
Date: 26th December 2011
Equipment: Nikon D300s with Sigma 150-500mm OS lens
Wow........ Red-breasted parakeet.... I have never seen this one.... : (Thanks for sharing.....I think they are eating the resins.... they rubit inside on the uppersurface of the beak and then drop it.....Thats the way they eat....
I am not able to find details of how these parakeets eat bark or resins - could you please send me any links or more information ? I observed that they broke off small bits of bark and then dropped them after chewing.
I cant see or say they are red breasted parakeets from the three on this tree
That's because they are all showing their backs to the camera (I took a wide-angle photo of the tree to show its trunk and leaves)! Here is another image of the same parakeets taken with maximum zoom (500mm): - you can see more images on my photostream.
I had posted these images to the Oriental Bird Images Database and I have received a query on the species of the tree. If anyone can help me to identify the tree that will be very helpful - if required I can go back to the place where I took the photo and get some more pictures of the tree.
Just a guess Albizia procera
I have attached 2 more photos of the tree (fruit and leaves) which I had posted earlier with the same subject line (on which the red-breasted parakeets were feeding). Please help by providing the ID. ... has suggested *Albizia procera*- thank you, Sir. This tree appears to be a common species in tea-gardens and grows to a height of about 30-40 feet.
I think you missed the attachments.