Albizia procera ?

Albizia procera ?;

Flowers fragrant.
Albizia Species?
Pictures taken on 28th March,16.
Yes. Albizia.
Please check Albizia odoratissima.
As per comparative images at Albizia, it does not match with Albizia odoratissima, but seems closer to Albizia procera 
The main veins of leaflets here are distinctly eccentric which rules out A. procera in which the leaflets are 5-7 cm long but here leaflets appear to be much smaller.  Hence A. odoratissima L.f. may be checked once again which in my opinion is more probable.
If still having doubts, then might be an exotic. I am not sure about the identities of the images in  efi website.
Thanks, ..., I will check images of A. odoratissima in efi site thoroughly in a few days.
Another post from ..., also from Lalbagh was also identified by a few experts as A odoratissima.
I am not sure, but this could be the same tree.
Posting ... link below....
Fabaceae - Mimosoideae - Bangalore - RA - Paraserianthes falcataria - Molucca Albizia Tree - White Albizia
I am attaching herewith images of Albizia procera (India, Roxburgh s. n. (K000800890) – type) and A. odoratissima for comparison.  Albizia falcataria = Adenanthera falcataria = Paraserianthes falcataria will have branched spicate inflorescences.  No image of the same is in hand at present.
The tree was in full bloom and there were very few leaves.
I have tried to search for pictures with leaves. Adding them.
Hope they help in identifying.
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Requesting to please ID this wild shrub growing by the roadside near Panshet dam, Pune in May 2014.
it seems miniature of Albizia procera
Yes some Albizia sapling
Thank you ... for the ID...

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Kindly identify this water plant. This is from Karbi Anglong (Assam)
This is not a water plant. It is nothing but the fallen flower of the tree Albizia procera
What a confusion. Spent almost 2 hours to find ID 😓!