Albizia odoratissima ?

Request Tree ID 087 - Lalbagh, Bangalore - RA: Could it be a species of Albizia? Family: Mimosaceae.
Wait for experts to comment.

I also feel its albizia for sure, some variant of white sirs

Some Albizia species indeed.
Can't place it. Looks close to Albizia odoratissima but the bark is not yellow here.
Doesnt also look close to Albizia chinensis.
Eager to know about the species.

Very beautiful to look at it as there are hardly any leaves and tree is full of flowers.

To me it appears close to Albizia odoratissima (L.f.) Benth.  as per images herein.
Albizia lucidior. Size, type of leaves and size of leaflets would confirm the id.
Thanks, ... Leaves do not match with images at

If more information about leaves is given, the id can thought of.
An example of how leaves can be photographed while asking for an id. A4 size card sheet with 1cmx1cm grid can tell size.
If not this, upper, lower surfaces, nerves; lamina shape size margin apex base; petiole length features should be described in words. If plants is inaccessible, then binoculars can be used.
If only scanty pictures taken a long ago are there, then it is better to wait (for asking id) till a repeat equipped visit is made.
Hope the suggestions are taken in a positive manner.
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This is probably the same tree in Lalbagh posted by me earlier, in which ... thinks it is closer to A. procera.
It is not clear whether the inflorescences are fascicled (in clusters) or in panicles. If in clusters then A. lathamii, which it is not. If panicled, then A. odoratissima. Leaf samples are also meager and in this situation it is difficult to tell the name correctly.

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A member of Ceasalpiniaceae (now Fabaceae). The bluish white patches are due to formation of lichens. It indicates the surrounding environment is clean (free from pollution).

Pl. check comparative images at 

Could be Albizia odoratissima.