Acacia melanoxylon

a-KAY-see-uh or uh-KAY-shuh -- Greek: akis - point, barb, thorny, spiny ... Dave's Botanary
mel-an-oh-ZY-lon -- Greek: melas (black); xylon (wood) ... Dave's Botanary

commonly known as: Australian blackwood, black wattle, blackwood acacia, swamp blackwood, Tasmanian blackwood • Kannada: ಜಾಲಿ jaali • Tamil: சீமைவேல் cimaivel

images by Dinesh Valke
please validate this plant to be Acacia melanoxylon ELSE please ID.
Place: near Race Course (about 7305 ft asl), Ooty
Time: November 17, 2011 at 10.37am
Habit: tall tree, broad trunk, showing coppices, seemingly cylindrical canopy.
Habitat: planted in urban area

For me this is Acacia melanoxylon only.
Requesting to please ID this big tree captured in Ooty in November 2013.
There were numerous such trees alongwith the Eucalyptus trees on both sides of the road from Ooty to Pykara.
In the semi-shade, the entire foliage had a beautiful silvery look.
This is Acacia melanoxylon. These sickle like structures are Phyllode,