Acacia colei ?

Acacia colei ?;
Mimosaceae :: Acacia holosericea
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Name: Acacia holosericea A.Cunn.
Family: Mimosaceae
Date: 25 Feb 2016
Place: Tirupathi hills, AP
Alt.: 120 m asl
It has been planted by the forest department.
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As per The Plant List Ver. 1.1 & ILDIS, Acacia holosericea A.Cunn. is a synonym of Acacia mangium Willd.
I send you Acacia mangium for comparison. Attachments (2)
Perhaps Acacia colei once again. Minor leaf venation needs to be enlarged and seen in absence of the fruits.
efi pages on Acacia colei & Acacia mangium
For me ID by ... is correct.
I am attaching herewith a publication which may be found helpful in determining the actual identity of the species introduced (from Australia), collected, identified  and distributed (preserved) as Acacia holosericea in India.
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Maslin & Thomson (1992), Aus Syst Bot 5, Acacia colei.pdf- Re-appraisal of the Taxonomy of Acacia holosericea, Including the Description of a New Species, A. colei, and the Reinstatement of A. neurocarpa B. R. Maslin* and L. A. J. Thomson