Mallotus atrovirens or M. aureo-punctatus
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Request ID of this small tree seen flowering at Matheran, Mah. last weekend (26.10.10). Thankyou. Would be nice to get the ID of the Snake Id too, was told it was poisonous!
The snake is a Bamboo Pit Viper [Trimeresurus gramineus]. It venom is toxic but not potentially lethal for humans.
Loved the Viper pics. ..., I think we should altogether discourage people by saying that yes this is poisonous and people should stay away from it thought it is not so deadly poisonous.
But another fact is, many people die of shock than of venom!!!
I remember one of my marathi friend (not in eflora) saw this beautiful snake, caught it and brought it back to home in his backpack TO TAKE PICTURES..... And then he called me up to ask that he found a beautiful snake and I was shocked to see the pictures. I could only shout at him on phone....
In another incident, one of our members, ..., one Saw Scale Viper jumped on him at Dehradun. 
Vipers usually attacked very badly so we should avoid it altogether. 
This concern not only comes as a being part of this group but also from being part of Wildlife Institute of India.

Thanks for your comments and your stated concerns. I think you have overlooked the fact that I am a doctor. This being a scientific forum, have only stated the obvious. By no stretch of imagination can my observations be construed as encouraging people to handle mildly venomous or even any snake for that matter.
:) I again forgot that you are a doctor, sorry for that. My intention of saying this was due to following line of yours, "It venom is toxic but not potentially lethal for humans".
I meant, its better to tell people to stay away from poisonous snakes rather than saying its not potentially lethal.

This could be a Litsea species possibly Litsea deccanensis.
Thanks a lot for the lead ... Seems to match. But  a doubt due to the description as per Dr. Almeida's flora wherein in the species L. deccanensis key is mentioned  as "Perianth segments inconspicuous or absent."
I am not sure, but perianth segment are seen here right?  
the plant is either Croton or Mallotus sp. opposite leaves are unequal, a feature of these genera.
Doesn't look like Euphorbiaceae to me at all.
what ever flowers visible are male flowers. look like Croton flower.
it is euphorbiaceae
I think ... is right. Seems to be some member of Tiliaceae.
Thank you ... It should be most probably a Croton species. In the floras I checked, the matching Mallotus sp. is mentioned as having  50 or more stamens. This plant has around 15 to 20 stamens.  
... this could be most probably Mallotus stenanthus OR lesser: M. aureopunctatus.
Mallotus stenanthus
This is either Mallotus atrovirens or M. aureo-punctatus.  Female flowers or fruits are required for confirmation.