Euphorbia x martinii (Hybrid- California)

Euphorbia × martinii Rouy, Ill. Pl. Eur. 13: 107 1900. (Syn: Euphorbia × cornubiensis Radcl.-Sm.; Euphorbia × malahidensis Radcl.-Sm. [Illegitimate]);
Images by Gurcharan Singh, (inserted by Bhagyashri Ranade)'Ascot%20Rainbow'-Summerwinds%20nursery-Sunnyvale-P1080769-California-2.jpg?part=0.1&authuser=0&view=1'Ascot%20Rainbow'-Summerwinds%20nursery-Sunnyvale-P1080770-California-3.jpg?part=0.2&authuser=0&view=1


Euphorbia x martinii Rouy 'Ascot Rainbow'
Cultivar of another hybrid species, cross between Hybrid between Euphorbia amygdaloides L. x E. characias L. has broader leaves and this cultivar with yellow margined variegates leaves. 
Photographed from Nursery in Sunnyvale, California



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