Euphorbia tibetica

Euphorbia tibetica Boiss., Prodr. 15(2): 114 1862. (Syn: Euphorbia tatarica Jacquem. ex Boiss. [Illegitimate]; Galarhoeus tibeticus (Boiss.) Prokh.; Tithymalus tibeticus (Boiss.) Prokh.);
Images by (Tabish Qureshi - Id by Gurcharan SIngh & Amit Chauhan) & (Narendra Joshi - Id by Amit Chauhan)

Habitat - Wild
Location - Hill slopes near village Khardungla, Ladakh
Altitude - Approx 4800 m
Date - June 09, 2011

Perhaps some species of Euphorbia
It is Euphorbia tibetica
Unid from Ladakh TQ-Ladakh-01:  A small herb with almost black tiny flowers, found in Nubra Valley, Ladakh, at around 3100 m above sea level.
To me it appears to belong to Spurge family (Euphorbiaceae).
Please identify.
I have Euphorbia thomsoniana, E. tibetica and E. kanaorica in my collections from Ladakh. E. thomsoniana has much larger leaves, a plant closer to E. wallichii, E. kanaorica looks similar to our plant but has two-horned glands. We can consider E. tibetica because of blackish glands rounded on the outer edge, only I am not too sure about leaves, which should be usually less than 3 cm long and plant usually shorter than 15 cm, a more delicate plant. Perhaps we can explore other species also.
Perhaps may tally. For your consideration.
Euphorbia tibetica shows dichotomous branching pattern but is not clear in the picture. ... if you remeber its habit than you can go for it
I think Euphorbia tibetica seems to agree well. Leaf size is also within what ... says. Somewhat fleshiness of Euphorbia tibetica also agrees with our plant.