Euphorbia species- Srinagar, Kashmir
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Kindly help in the ID of this Euphorbia sp.
Picture taken at Srinagar, Kashmir.
I hope E. peplus. Close up of cyathium should help. please check this
After looking at horns and leaves you may compare with this also
The cyathophylls with long apiculate tip makes it different from both the E peplus and E. lathyris.
Unfortunately, the plant specimen we have is not in good condition.
I think it may be near to E. falcata.
Yes cyathophylls are very distinct, but as these are also seen in E. lathyris, glands are crucial, transversely oblong in E. falcata, crescent shaped (pointed tips in E. esula; rounded in E. lathyris) in other two.
I have been searching for possibilities of this species in the Himalayan species of Euphorbia, subgenus Tithymalus. However I have not been able to pinpoint a single species matching this photo.
I tried E. stracheyii due its short prostrate habit, but the leaves surrounding the cyathia are ovate-acute to caudate-acuminate at apex, whereas in E. stracheyii they are orbicular to ovate-orbicular with rounded apex.
It may be a new introduction from Central Asia of Tibet.