Euphorbia species- Rapur (Velugonda hills of Easternghats)
identification of Euphorbia requested : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)
it is a prostate plant, stretched in 10-15cm radius. capsule densely hispid. May anyone clarify if it is Euphorbia hispida or some other species
It is photographed at Rapur (Velugonda hills of Easternghats) a dry deciduous forest. We could not find any such specimen at BSI Hyderabad or SKD Ananthapur.
This is quite unlike any species of Euphorbia I have seen. Such serrate leaves are not found in any Indian species. Probably it is  a new intrduction. It needs detailed analysis. Please ask the collector to gather fresh specimens, dissect the cyathia, make sketches and detailed descriptions and send to me for further analysis.