Euphorbia species- shrub on a hill near Satara
Shrub for ID (NSJ01-24/02/2013) :  2 images. 8 posts by 5 authors.
A shrub around 4' tall for ID. Foto taken in Nov-2012 on a hill near Satara.
Habitat Wild,
Altitude around 1000m
This looked to me like any Euphorbia sp....
Yes. This seems to be a Euphorbia. It is either E. nivulia or E. neriifolia. The differences are based on stems, which are not visible in the photos. E. neriifolia has obscurely 5-angled stems, whereas E. nivulia has terete stems. However, I notice that the leaves appear very large, probably due to the highly fertile soil on which it grows.
Thank you Sir. Actually the shrub is located on the edge of a hill so I could not take photo of stem. Next time if I get a chance I will make an attempt to photograph the stems.
The stem part is to be seen for ID