Euphorbia species- at the show in MNP, Mumbai
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A small, ornamental, potted plant seen at the show in MNP on 31/3/13.
Astrophytum again?

seems to be euphorbia horrida...

I’ll give you a start ..., It’s Euphorbia, not sure which one off hand. Several that look similar to me.

Euphorbia fruiticosis ?

Thanks for the follow up and possible ids.
On searching, could this be Euphorbia meloformis, common name Melon Spurge?
Just a guess.
Experts kindly validate.
A Euphorbia seen at the Bonsai, Bougainvillea & Cacti Show at Maharashtra Nature Park, Mumbai in March 2013.

This is also an introduced garden plant, which I am unable to identify.

Thanks for the efforts taken to identify and resurface my post.
During earlier posting of these pictures on our group, Euphorbia horrida & Euphorbia fruticosis were suggested.
On searching, it looked close to Euphorbia meloformis to me.
Can you check for Euphorbia infausta?
The images available seem to match with my pictures.