New species of Euphorbia at Kalinchok, Dolkha, Nepal ?
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Enclosing some pictures for ID please. It looks like Euphorbiaceae!                     
Date : 26 July 2014
Location : Kalinchok, Dolkha, Nepal
Altitude: 11000 ft.
This plant belongs to genus Euphorbia, subgenus Tithymalus
It is not possible to identify the species. The cyathia seems to have withered and the characters of glands and involucre are not visible, only the fruits are present. Further the branching pattern, which is important for identifying the species, is nor discernible.
It may be a Tibetan or Chinese species.
Could it be Common name: Himalayan Prostrate Spurge • Nepali: सांगमेन Sangmen
Botanical name: Euphorbia stracheyi Family: Euphorbiaceae (Castor family)
Synonyms: Euphorbia himalayensis, Tithymalus himalayensis  
From : FOI
Yes, it could be E. strachei, but here the stem leaves look larger. In E. stracheyi the leaves on stems and rays are similar in size and shape. Here they appear to be different. May be some other species near to it.
Can anyone identify this plant accurately?
... are both Experts on Euphorbiaceae.
No one can give better opinion than them, in India.
I request you to kindly send your material (hopefully collected!) to Kew for verification. It is a new species.
Thank you for your mail.
It is sad that I did not collect the sample material. Any way we can verify ID with pictures only?