Euphorbia species- Cactus Garden Panchkula

This Euphorbia was shot from Panchkula, Cactus Garden.. Recently posted by ... in the ongoing fortnight as Euphorbia leucocephala to which this resembles...
Please provide id..
In a separate thread it is mentioned as E.leucophylla or allied species.!topic/indiantreepix/ZLhEVHcO4zA 
Your plant is not E. leucocephala. In this species, the leaves below the cyathia are white, oblanceolate. petiolate, prominent, densely crowded around the many cyathiate inflorescence and gives the impression of snow flakes on a bush, hence the common name of this species is :Snow Flake Plant.
In your plant there are no floral leaves subtending the cyathia. All leaves of your plant are scattered, green. Only the appendages of the glands on cyathia are white, lanceolate, sessile and too small.
I do not know where to look for to identify your plant. Probably it is an introduced plant.