Euphorbia species?- Bali, Indonesia
Euphorbia prostrata Aiton (accepted name) ?? : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)
Location: Bali, Indonesia
Altitude: 60 ft.
Date: 11 June 2014 

Is ID correct ?
Image is much closer to Euphorbia hypericifolia and E. indica. I disagree with E. prostrata.
I guess Euphorbia hypericifolia is the correct ID.
I find it more closer to Euphorbia indica
That too. Close species. 
Euphorbia indica is not listed in Indonesia according to POWO and CoL and I feel image looks slight different compared to net images and POWO herbarium image.
E.prostata and E.hypericifolia also shown no distribution in Indonesias.
The photograph suggests the plant is neither E. prostrata nor E. indica. The leaves are larger and longer than wide unlike oblong to orbicular leaves in E. prostrata. The plant is glabrous and hence not E. indica, which has leaves and stems covered with white hairs. It is probably some other species belonging to the subgenus Chamaesyce.  This subgenus is predominantly American and hence, I suggest you contact some American herbaria for confirmation. Maybe it is an introduction from New World.
Names of Chamaesyce species are showing as synonym of Euphorbia species. Is it correct ?
its a subgenus as ... just said
for simplest description see Wikipedia page
for more scientific and deeper issues
and Yang & al. • Phylogenetics and classification of Euphorbia subg. Chamaesyce