Euphorbia species ?- Tamilnadu
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Place: Tamilnadu
Pl. also mention exact place and date. 
I don't know exact date and time sir... I shared from my friend.
This plant appears to be Euphorbia thymifolia L., common throughout India.
that dx works for me 

Andrographis serpyllifolia (Vahl) Wight - prostrate herb near Hosur, Bangalore area it if frequent. 

Thanks, ... Identified as Euphorbia thymifolia L. by ... 

but the round leaves bother me a lot
Balakrishnan ji is the Expert on this genus. 
I was puzzled with the lines "that dx works for me", particularly when this code was used for Balakrishnan Sir, who is my Ph. D. guide and a living legend in Indian Plant Taxonomy. Anyway, what does it mean?
oh oh i started a mutiny here with a bit arcane medical jargon? i am glad you asked and nice to know we have an authritatve voice in euphorbias here. Nice meeting you Dr.Balksrishan ji.
thats fine, ..., it means i accept, agree, it means, ... picture was pointing me to euphorbia, but the roundish somewhat succulent looking leaves were bothering me and i was pondering /intrigued before anybody gave a diagnosis. and then when ... gave his dx, i said it works for me
it also means, i accept and treat the patient according to the consultant's opinion.
went to sleep all non-intrigued, came back, but the round leaf shape still was bothering me and i said so more like it has been intriguing me.
so now tell me why should the round leaves not bother me. is there something i am overlooking. tell me, please
Thank you ..., So you went by diagnosis and prescription. Ha ha ha.
If I am not mistaking. the uploaded picture needs a 90 deg anticlockwise rotation.
Attaching what I feel is correct orientation.
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it is "the" picture attached to this post by ... in the first place. I have rotated it 90 degrees anticlockwise.
yes, ... i will also show you why i woke up with the intrigue. look at flora of karnataka page. the leaves are not roundish
and these are screen shots from  flora of karnataka: herbarium JCB
from herbarium jcb i see oblong leaves. they say oblong or elliptic oblong --- but i also subscribe to never say never things happen thats not expected or written down that why i think it works for me in such cases as this one picture case and an authority speaks.

pictures are not showing up are they?

I agree that this is not Euphorbia. Firstly, the leaves are symmetrical, which means that it is very unlikely that it belongs to Euphorbia subg. Chamaesyce sect. Anisophyllum (the current nomenclature for the Chamaesyce group based on the most recent phylogenetic evidence).  While I can't really rule out any other Euphorbias, prostrate growth is quite rare in Euphorbia except for section Anisophyllum.  Also, I know of no species within the group that is known from India that has leaves that broad and rounded (those of E. serpens can become suborbicular and perhaps even close to this shape, but are far smaller and the stems are hairless).