Euphorbia ritchiei subsp. nyambensis (Cultivated)

Euphorbia ritchiei subsp. nyambensis (S.Carter) Bruyns, Taxon 55: 415 2006. (syn: Monadenium ritchiei subsp. nyambense S.Carter);

Kenya (Meru) as per WCSP;

Image by Aarti Khale,BBC%20Show,MNP,Mumbai-DSCN6925.JPG?part=0.1&authuser=0&view=1

Seen at the BBC Show in Maharashtra Nature Park, Mumbai.
Kindly validate.
Yes, this is Euphorbia bergii A.C.White, R.A.Dyer & B.Sloane
Please note the specific epithet is bergii and not bergeri
This seems to be monadenium ritchie ssp. nymbayense in my opinion and not euphorbia bergii.
I am attaching a reference image of the above mentioned monadenium from my personal collection. 
Can someone please share some information on the same.
Thanks, ..., 
Thanks for the correction. 
Thanks for the correction in id.