Euphorbia ritchiei (Cultivated)

Euphorbia ritchiei (P.R.O.Bally) Bruyns, Taxon 55: 415 2006. (syn: Monadenium ritchiei P.R.O.Bally);

Image by Aarti Khale - Id by P.S.Sangwan & John


Cactus for ID : Flower Show,Mumbai : 030313 : AK-3: Another ornamental cactus or succulent seen at the flower show in Mumbai in Feb, 2011.
Pink flowers seen, no spines.
Monadenium sps.
May be Monadenium ritchiei.
This is Monadenium ritchei a succulent not a cactus
From the Flower Show in Mumbai.
Yes, this is Euphorbia ritchiei (P.R.O.Bally) Bruyns (Synonym: Monadenium ritchiei P.R.O.Bally)