Euphorbia maddenii

Euphorbia maddenii Boiss., Prodr. 15(2): 141 1862. (Syn: Tithymalus maddenii (Boiss.) Soják);
Images by (Nidhan Singh - validation by Gurcharan Singh) & (Dinesh Valke - validation by N.P.Balakrishnan), (For more photos & complete details, click on the links, (inserted by Bhagyashri Ranade)

VOF Week: Euphorbia for identification from the trek...:  
This one was shot from the Trek...hope to get this Euphorbia madennii?
I think yes ... Very good photographs

VoiF Week :: DV :: 04 AUG 12 - 0835 :: Euphorbia ¿ species ? along Ghangaria - Govind Ghat trail: 4 AUG 12
Ghangaria - Govind Ghat trail ... about 8400 ft
Habitat: mountain slope
Habit: herb, about 50 - 60 cm high
Perhaps Euphorbia maddenii
Referring to a part of description of Euphorbia maddenii in Flora of Pakistan.
... Cyathia shortly pedunculate. Glands semilunar, truncate on the outer edge and with 2 slender horns in length equalling the width of the gland; glands greenish at first, later brownish, horns pale straw-coloured. Fruit roundly trilobate, 2.5 x 2.5-3 mm, smooth, pale green. Styles spreading, united at the base, 0.7 mm long, bifid.
Putting here a cropped version from one of the photos; clearly can see the semilunar green glands, the 2 slender pale straw-coloured horns
Am strongly convinced of ... thought of Euphorbia maddenii.
Hoping to receive validating comment(s) ... not sure if such glands and horns are found in any other close species.
Similar glands are also met in a few other species but they are distinct: E. maddenii uploaded by ... is a much delicate plant and actually E. peplus; E. prolifera has habit and leaves looking much similar to E. wallichii; E. dracunculoides has linear leaves, a plant of a plant of tropical plains.
For sake of clarity, ..., would distinct imply this posted plant to be E. maddenii ?
Euphorbia maddenii as per another thread.
Yes ... Thank you very very much for this effort to update this post with the ID.

Euphorbiaceae fortnight :: Euphorbia maddenii at Ghangaria FOR VALIDATION :: DV33 : 5 images. 6 posts by 4 authors.
Euphorbia ¿ maddenii Boiss. ?
Earlier posted during VoF Week; many thanks to ... for the possible ID of Euphorbia maddenii 
along Ghangaria - Govind Ghat trail on 04 AUG 12  
Yes, this is Euphorbia maddenii Boiss.