Euphorbia deccanensis

Euphorbia deccanensis V.S.Raju, Taxon 34: 519 1985. (Syn: Chamaesyce linearifolia Soják; Euphorbia linearifolia Roth [Illegitimate]);                     Euphorbia linearis B.Heyne ex Roth [Invalid]);

Images by (A.Lalithamba - validation by N.P.Balakrishnan) & (Renee Vyas - Id by N.P.Balakrishnan)


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This is a prostrate herb rarely found in dry areas in Eastern ghats, Euphorbia deccanensis V.S.Raju; I wish to share this with you.
It more or less agrees with Euphorbia deccanensis V.S.Raju. The only difference noticed is that the leaves are broader than usual.
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Please help to identify this small herb growing in Rao Jodha Park in Jodhapur......
picture clicked in the 3rd week of August,13.
... some species of Euphorbia.
This is most probably E. deccanensis V.S. Raju (syn.: E. linearifolia Roth), but the leaves are larger.