Agrostistachys indica


Habit- Small trees up to 5 m tall.
Branches and Branchlets- Branchlets terete, glabrous.
Leaves- Leaves simple, alternate, spiral; lamina 12-46 x 3.2-10 cm, long elliptic to oblanceolate, apex acute, base acute and decurrent, strongly serrate, glabrous; midrib raised above; secondary nerves 10-12 pairs, tertiary nerves obliquely percurrent.
Inflorescence / Flower- Flowers unisexual, dioecious; male flowers in short axillary spikes; female flowers solitary, axillary.
Fruit and Seed- Capsule, trilocular; 3-seeded.
Understorey trees generally in low elevation wet evergreen forests up to 800 m.  
Indomalaysia; in the Western Ghats- South and Central Sahyadris.  
(Attributions- B. R. Ramesh, N. Ayyappan, Pierre Grard, Juliana Prosperi, S. Aravajy, Jean Pierre Pascal, The Biotik Team, French Institute of Pondicherry.              
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Agrostistachys indica Dalzell (Euphorbiaceae) wild shrub/ small tree from Agumbe area of Karnataka at an altitude of 900m