Acalypha fruticosa ?

Acalypha fruticosa ?;

Images by Prabhu Kumar (Inserted by Bhagyashri Ranade)

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Please help me for the identification of one Acalypha sp. collected from a semi evergreen forest around 500 m. from Kerala.
Acalypha australis?
Acalypha racemosa.
It is definitely not Acalypha paniculata. It could be A. fruticosa Forssk. However, to confirm the identity one need to study the floral characters, particularly the morphology of bracts. Please dissect out the flowers and follow the key and descriptions given in Flora of India, vol 23, pages 90 - 105. There are line drawings of most species, which would help you to identify.
Sharing the images of Acalypha fruticosa from Adyar, Chennai.
Acalypha fruticosa.
I am not sure whether it is Acalypha or some other genus. The inflorescences are densely flowered, with no indication of separate regions for female and male flowers. This rules out the possibility of Acalypha fruticosa. Please check the flowers carefully and find out whether the female flowers are enclosed in folded bracts.
My earlier comments remains. I am not sure whether it is Acalypha fruticosa or not.
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