Acalypha australis

Acalypha australis L., Sp. Pl. 1004 1753. (syn: Acalypha australis f. glareosa (Rupr.) H.Hara; Acalypha australis var. glareosa (Rupr.) Nakai; Acalypha australis f. lanceolata (Hayata) Hurus.; Acalypha australis var. lanceolata Hayata; Acalypha australis f. velutina (Honda) Ohwi; Acalypha australis var. velutina Honda; Acalypha chinensis Roxb.; Acalypha gemina (Lour.) Spreng.; Acalypha gemina var. genuina Müll.Arg., not validly publ.; Acalypha gemina var. lanceolata Hayata; Acalypha indica var. minima (H.Keng) S.F.Huang & T.C.Huang; Acalypha lanceolata Benth., nom. nud.; Acalypha minima H.Keng; Acalypha pauciflora Hornem.; Acalypha pauciflora f. glareosa (Rupr.) Regel; Acalypha pauciflora var. glareosa Rupr.; Acalypha pauciflora f. umbrosa (Rupr.) Regel; Acalypha pauciflora var. umbrosa Rupr.; Acalypha sessilis Poir.; Acalypha virgata Thunb.; Meterana dimidiata Raf.; Ricinocarpus australis (L.) Kuntze); 

China North-Central; China South-Central; China Southeast; East Himalaya; Japan; Korea; Laos; Manchuria; Nansei-shoto; New Jersey; New South Wales; New York; Philippines; Primorye; Queensland; Tadzhikistan; Taiwan; Turkey; Vietnam; West Himalaya; West Siberia; Xinjiang as per Catalogue of Life;
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Acalypha australis
Asian Copperleaf
Family - Euphorbiaceae
I hope it's correctly identified.
Photographed at Bajaura, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh
Altitude - 1100meters asl
Photographed in August 2018

Thanks, ..., for the new addition, if it is validated.  

The identification, Acalypha australis L. seems to be accurate.