Eriocaulon species- Matheran, Maharastra
31.08.11.JP.02 - Eriocaulon spp. identification2: Another species of Eriocaulon seen at Matheran.
This one has prominent (involucral?) bracts beneath the inflorescence.
This could be Eriocaulon heterolepis Steudel, which has long exceeding involucral bracts. I have collected this species myself from Maharashtra. However, I can not confirm the identity without seeing the dissected flowers and seeds. You may refer the book " Eriocaulaceae of India by Ansari & Balakrishnan. 
Important diagonostic features for this species are as follows..
Rootstock absent; Peduncles many; Heads white or grey; Involucral bracts oblong-lanceolate, spreading; Male sepalsconnate ion to a spathe, 3-lobed; Anthers blac; Female sepals-3, free, unequal; Female petals 3, spathulate, not clawed; Cells of seed coat transversely elongated, aligned in vertical rows; Appendages 5-6. dialated at apex, from the transverse radial walls appears to be in transverse rings on the surface of the seeds.
Thanks, ... It does not match with images of Eriocaulon heterolepis at