Vaccinium neilgherrense

Vaccinium neilgherrense Wight, Calcutta J. Nat. Hist. 8:173. 1847;

Tamil: Kalavu, Kila Malayalam: Manalamaram Kannada: Hollenugu

Small trees, branchlets drooping. Leaves to 9 x 1.5 cm, lanceolate, acuminate; nerves very oblique. Flowers 10 mm long; calyx tube glabrous, lobes ovate, ciliate; corolla white, glabrous, lobes ovate, spreading; filaments tomentose.
Flowering and fruiting: February-April
Evergreen and shola forests
Southern Western Ghats (Endemic)
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Please help me in identifying the tree species. The fruits are edible. Could this be any Rhamnaceae?
Leaf: c. 10cm long
Fruit: 0.7 cm across
Habitat: wet forest
Date: 19 June 2013
Place: Longwood Shola, Kotagiri, Nilgiris, TN
Alt.: 2000 m asl
Looks like a member of Myrtaceae, as the fruits seem to be formed from an inferior ovary with remnants of floral parts at the tip. Any Eugenia sps. Not sure
It could be Vaccinium sp?

I also doubt this could be any Vaccinium sp.
It is Vaccinium neilgherrense
Thanks a lot ... for confirming.