Rhododendron ferrugineum (Cultivated)

Rhododendron ferrugineum L., Sp. Pl. 392 1753. (syn: Azalea ferruginea (L.) Kuntze; Chamaerhododendron ferrugineum (L.) Bubani; Plinthocroma ferrugineum (L.) Dulac; Rhododendron intermedium Tausch);

Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland, N-Spain (Pyrenees), Andorra, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia & Kosovo, Albania as per Catalogue of Life;

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Location : Kalimpong, India
Elevation : 1300 m.
Date : 07 May 2020
Habitat : Cultivated
Which Rhododendron sp. is this ?
Image sent by a friend and only one image.

It's Rhododendron ferruginum
Rhododendron ferrugineum L.